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120 Chambers hail from rural and urban jurisdictions throughout the province. We are the voice of business on key issues like: finance & taxation; skills & training; natural resources; transportation and infrastructure; productivity; trade & technology; regulations; environment & climate change; and healthy communities. 


Through a grass-roots, bottom-up policy process, your local chamber network and the BC Chamber of Commerce advises and drives insight to all levels of Government. Policy 

recommendations from the Chamber result in solutions to situations facing business across the province. This is how change works. The chamber is your business voice. 




Rural British Columbians and the business community have historically expressed feeling like we lack a voice and have limited influence over decisions occurring in Vancouver and Victoria - decisions that dramatically impact the social and economic fabric of our communities.  


However, the BC Chamber of Commerce has always been at the table with government. There is well-established recourse for every community, and every business that needs their voice heard on issues that impact all of us. This is where your chamber and the policy and advocacy mechanisms with the BC Chamber come into play. Engaging in this simple but effective process can make a dramatic impact not only to your business, but also to the social fabric of our communities. Prosperity starts with us. Policies and positions crafted and proposed to local, provincial, and federal governments can help our leaders understand our business climate, gather facts, and design equitable solutions.

Please read the BC Chamber Policy and Positions Guide, and flip through the 2019-2020 Positions and Policy guide to see how recommendations from around the province meet our Government and political leadership with pragmatic, facts-based analysis, facts, and recommendations. 

Key Business Issues: 

  • Finance & Taxation

  • Skills & Training

  • Natural resources

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Productivity & Competitiveness

  • Trade & Technology

  • Regulations

  • Environment, Energy, & Climate Change

  • Healthy Communities

  • Human Resources & Labour

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Think Globally, Act Locally


The Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce welcomes your voice and participation in the process of establishing positions and policy that will help keep our community healthy and allow us to grow. We need rural B.C. Business to support our social fabric, and it is your lived experience and insight as a business owner that should guide decisions about economy. Think about the ways your business is impacted by key business issues, and participate to make sure our local, regional, and provincial government are well-informed and positioned to make good decisions.

Please use these tools to familiarize yourself with the process, and join in the fun!

Contact for more information. 

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