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Survey & All Candidates Meeting Questions

As promised here are the questions asked at the Municipal All Candidates Meeting October 3rd. If you were unable to attend the meeting it is available for viewing on Facebook at this link:

If you attended, please take a moment to answer our brief survey. Your input is valued.

Here were the questions submitted by community members that were not able to be addressed that evening by the candidates:

1. I’m Emma. I am 7 years old. Who will fix the playground gravel? And will anyone put a roof on the pool? Thank you.

2. Are you in Favour of supplying pipe for water collection of water for homes on Broughton, Haddington, Cardena to stop slides on Beach Dr.? 25 plus years is enough!

3. What’s your plan to implement decent (new) showers & washrooms for the public?

4. Describe your relationship with the leaders in the Region.

5. How do you plan to complete the Beach Dr. park?? The one planned for the end of Beach Drive by Kim & Chris’ house.

6. Why do we not have more areas for people with disabilities?

7. Do you believe our downtown core needs any beautifying / revitalization / cohesive direction in the next four years? Do you personally see this as a priority and would you put any effort in bringing this forward?

8. This is a question for the 3 Mayoral candidates. You each have taglines on your signs: a. Shirley “Let’s start the next chapter together.” b. Graham “Eco Development” c. Gaby “Working together to improve our community”

May you please tell us what these mean as a platform to your leadership?

9. Why is there no traffic lights by Mine Road? Because it’s just like really busy.

10. Will we get a skate park?

11. How much will you be prepared to increase property taxes to obtain your goals? Using simple math: a. 21% property inc. b. 21.5% tax levy.

12. What is your vision in incorporating the priorities of the following and integrating plan? a. Building a multi rec center b. Option of what to do with the old school c. Building housing & improve quality of life for seniors d. Bringing in new professionals, entrepreneurs and keeping existing residents?

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