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It's Chamber Week!

Chamber Week is the week of February 18th to 20th, this year the theme is #SHOWGRIT which is such a perfect way to describe BC Businesses, especially Rural Remote businesses which is what we happen to be.

We here at the Port McNeill & District Chamber of Commerce are proud members of the BC Chamber of Commerce. With this we get to say we have partnered with them in some exciting things this past year and here is a look back at the ways in which we have shown "grit".

- General

Chambers play a critical role for the business community. We are your most powerful ally.

Our advocacy and policy work are driven by our desire to see all BC Business proposer and grow.

Everyday we show up and #showgrit

We’re working toward creating the best BC to work, invest, live and play

There are 135 Chambers across BC—with the same goal. To #showgrit for BC Businesses.

- Taxes

We pushed back against the cumulative effects of new taxes on small-to-medium businesses, such as the Employer Health Tax.

We asked that PST be removed on machinery, equipment and technology

- The power of the Chamber Network

We led a coalition called “Thriving Orcas, Thriving Communities” to protect BC business on Vancouver Island

- Confidence in Canada: We co-founded Confidence in Canada, which advocates for getting resource projects built in a timely fashion. This resulted in over 40,000 letters to the Prime Minister.

- Electoral reform:We pushed for a clear question and thoughtful and fair process on electoral reform

- Ridesharing:

We moved the dial on ridesharing to get legislation introduced in 2018 —and will continue to push to ensure it’s done right.

During Chamber Week we celebrate our wins for the business community such as pressing pause on the Small Business Tax Credit for credit unions which provide much needed financial services to many BC Communities. Read about it HERE

NOW - we want to know what is on your mind! Your insights help us advocate important issues - and businesses!

Happy Chamber week, from your Port McNeill & District Chamber AND your BC Chamber.

Jessica McLaughlin - Executive Director

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