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"D.Y.K.?" Chamber members save hundreds or thousands in fuel costs a year - are you using

Port McNeill, B.C. - From the Chamber's "Did you Know?" Series Fuel companies partner with Chamber of Commerce members for bulk discounts. Save between 2 cents and 7 cents per litre on your fuel with Petro Canada and Esso.

An hour of paperwork will save you hundreds, or thousands or dollars depending on your business model, allow you to track and bill fuel expenses for tax purposes, and set you up for saving in the years to come.

Ask yourself: "What can this member benefit do for my bottom line?"

The information and applications are below:


SuperPass is the only one-card solution that gives you access to Canada’s largest gasoline and diesel network. Get all the benefits that come with SuperPass – security features, customized reporting, convenience and cost controls.

BC Chamber members receive 2 cents off per litre on all grades of gas and diesel.

5% discount off service at Certigard Car Care Centres and PetroCan carwash

The Details:

  • Petro-Canada offers BC Chamber members a 2 cents per litre discount on all grades of gasoline and diesel purchased at Petro-Canada retail service stations.

  • A minimum of 200 litres/month must be purchased on your account to qualify for this discount. As the business owner, you may apply for the Petro-Points Card and accumulate points to be able to receive a 5 cent discount at the pump.

  • If used in conjunction with your SuperPass card, you will receive a further 2 cents off your statement for a total of 7 cents off per litre!

  • To apply, please visit Petro Canada's BC Chamber member application website to apply online, or else download the application form.

If you are an existing SuperPass customer, you can easily enroll in this program by sending an e-mail to Paul Fox to have your account linked to the BC Chamber of Commerce's main link account (993 446 1139). Please include your existing SuperPass account number in your e-mail request, if you have one.

Further Details:

  • Receive your statement weekly or monthly, online, by mail, or fax

  • Have individually numbered credit cards for each vehicle

  • Restrict one or more of your cards to fuel only, diesel only, fuel & oil only, fuel & car wash only, one station only, and many more!

  • For more information, please call 1-800-668-0220

ESSO – DISCOUNT DIRECT DRIVER BILLING PROGRAM Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce members may enjoy:

  • 3.5 cents per litre fuel discount off the retail posted pump price, purchased in Canada at ESSO branded services stations

  • Detailed monthly invoice

  • Largest retail network across Canada with over 2000 ESSO locations to serve you

  • Cards restricted to fuel, oil, top-up fluids, and car wash

  • Personalized identification may be printed on each card and invoice

  • Largest car wash network in Canada with over 600 locations

  • Speedpass — the fastest way to fuel up and go at ESSO

  • ESSO Extra Program — details and application at ESSO branded service stations

  • Tiger Express and On the Run locations throughout Canada with service on site such as Tim Hortons, Royal Bank cash machines, and car washes.

  • For more information or to apply, visit

*Some Conditions Apply

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