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Housing experts ask PMCC for input: "Complete this short survey to help understand the housing

Port McNeill, B.C. - The PMCC received a request for participation today from Sarah Ravlic, who is doing community outreach to better understand housing challenges on the North Island. Participation comes by way of a short survey on residential housing, but from the PMCC perspective, the survey also gives business owners an opportunity to submit comments in an open-ended, written segment. We know that limited housing options are hindering staff retention, business growth and community building opportunities.

"This survey helps us build a complete look at the housing situation in your communities. With your answers we are better able to understand how to build a comprehensive assessment, and design and make recommendations to solve issues related to affordability, access, and more." (From Urban Matters)

A link to the online housing questionnaire: ONLINE HOUSING QUESTIONNAIRE

Housing Port McNeill

More info on the project is available in this YouTube Video:

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