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Managing COVID-19 Challenges + Identifying Opportunities: a report for leaders

Port McNeill, B.C. - Kotter and Entromy have contacted the PMCC with information to share with local business leaders. The information is from a study that gathered information to help guide upper level manager and leaders through common organizational issues. The full report is easy to read and available here.

"Through this study, Kotter and Entromy have attempted to extract order from chaos—offering insights to leaders who bear the responsibility of guiding their employees through these uncertain times. Our report dives into the key challenges faced by employees and leaders—such as adapting to a new work reality, maintaining social connections virtually and sustaining communication to alleviate fear and anxiety. The study also investigates employees’ and leaders’ confidence levels in the global markets returning to states of social and economic normalcy.

Of note, lower levels of confidence were reported among employees when they experienced greater amounts of change. With the duration of quarantine extending beyond anticipated lengths of time, we can only expect employees’ confidence levels to remain shaky in the months to come.That said, our report revealed significant opportunities for confidence-building in this turbulent time. There is a critical need for better communication between leaders and employees across industries. While many organizations have established new channels of communication, here remains opportunity to enhance transparency and ensure messages are conveyed as empathetically and compassionately as possible." (

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