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Vancouver Island North Tourism call-to-action: update your business hours, offerings, and engage wit

Port McNeill, B.C. - Joli White, Coordinator of Vancouver Island North Tourism has been working to support businesses in the region through outreach to proprietors and the Chambers of Commerce.

Joli is looking to engage struggling businesses with networking supports. "As far as outreach goes, we want to collect accurate information on revised business hours and offerings so we can help promote them to potential visitors. This is also an opportunity to share tools that can help the businesses in areas where they might be struggling. I can provide links to resources from Destination BC, share some easy ways for tourism businesses to feed their information through Tourism Vancouver Island and Destination BC for further reach, and give details about the Tourism Resiliency Program that is being offered to help businesses build support plans and access support programs that fit their needs. I will also be sitting on the Regional District of Mount Waddington's COVID recovery committee and can share information as it develops through that program."

To get your business added to the Vancouver Island North roster and work more closely with organizations interested in supporting tourism through COID-19, please contact Joli with the following information.

Name of your business:

Business contact information:

Business website or Facebook link:

Hours of operation:

  • If not currently open yet, when is the anticipated open date and what are the planned hours of operation

  • It is also important for us to know if a business is not planning to reopen

Services being offering if adapted due to COVID:

Businesses can send their information to or call Joli at 250-902-8281 and provide their details over the phone.

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