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BC Gov has declined extension of 16 week temporary layoffs; businesses may face terminations and sev

Port McNeill, B.C. - The B.C. Chamber of Commerce has reached out to the Chamber network for information on the impact of Government Policy. "The BC government has declined to extend the 16-week period for temporary layoffs. This means that in a few weeks many employers in BC will be faced with the prospect of terminating employees (and delivering severance payouts) before they are fully reopen.

The BC Chamber of Commerce wants to know what impact this will have on your business and your team. Take this quick (~2 min) survey." If you can't click the link, please copy and paste the URL below:

Participation in this survey is important for advocay. Please participate in the MindReader Community, share your business insight, and help craft and guide good policy. Learn more about MindReader here.

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