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Back by Popular Demand: The Roger Brooks Assessment of Port McNeill

Port McNeill, B.C. - Spring 2020 Roger Brooks International, a lead consultancy on community "livability" and prosperity visited Port McNeill this spring to do a community assessment and create a list of recommendations to business people and Government who are ready for positive growth.

Roger Brooks presented his insightful, clear and often funny findings on March 13th to an engaged audience. The report he provided is actionable, and gives insight into basic-yet-sophisticated actions that increase community livability values both year round and to seasonal tourists.

There is currently a working group who have extracted the recommendations from the report and are looking at possibilities for implementation. Contact the Town Office if you want to join the discussion!

Roger Brooks has assisted nearly 2,000 communities with their branding, tourism, downtown development and marketing efforts during his distinguished career, which spans more than 35 years.

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