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BC Businesses: Questions About Your Rent? Learn All About Commercial Leasing in the COVID-19 Era, Ju

Port McNeill, B.C. - At the Chamber we know that commercial leases and rents have been a primary reason of business closure in the Province throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and that fact is no different in Port McNeill and on the North Island.

"As we head towards the start of a new month, businesses across the province are assessing whether they can cover one of their biggest expenses – rent. While businesses evaluate their ability to pay rent now and in the coming months, this lunch ‘n’ learn is aimed to help businesses assess their options. Insight from legal and policy experts will help you navigate supports, understand government programs, and be aware of legal obligations. Focuses include:

  • The federal government’s CECRA program,

  • Negotiating with landlords,

  • The future of commercial leasing.

This is an exclusive event for our chamber network and our members. Please register below to attend this free event. Registration closes June 25th at 5pm.



Layne Hellrung is a lawyer at Cassels Brock in Vancouver, and legal counsel to the BC Chamber. Layne’s legal practice focuses on business and real estate disputes, and includes claims related to real estate development and failed transactions as well as leasing matters.

Chris Sharpe is a lawyer at Fasken in Vancouver. Chris assists clients with various corporate and commercial transactions with a focus on the purchase and development of commercial real estate and infrastructure projects, the purchase and sale of businesses for which property is integral, and on commercial leasing.

Dan Baxter is the Director of Policy Development & Government and Stakeholder Relations at BC Chamber of Commerce and is a skilled government policy development advisor and government liaison specialist."

Register for the webinar

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