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Port McNeill, B.C. - Keep up to date with PMCC news you missed by accessing our online archive of newsletters.

Our newsletters are available to the general public, but PMCC members also get event invites, notices, community initiatives, policy and advocacy information, benefits for members and more provided direct to member inboxes. For the latest in business information and all the news delivered to you, consider a membership to the PMCC.

Link: June Newsletter "ALL HANDS ON DECK"

Link: Newsletter Archive

A few more details: Beyond communication and networking, member benefits including fuel savings, health programs, advocacy initiatives, and more. These are offerings are becoming clarified, and available in the developing members section of our website. Your Chamber is here to help.

We welcome non-members to maximize your business netqworking dollars and reach by joining the strongest business advocacy network in the province - your local Chamber! Contact us for more details, or fill out your member application online, instantly, today.

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