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Happy Canada Day to All

Port McNeill, B.C. - July 1, 2020

To our members and all of the North Island Community.

On this Canada day, foremost we wish everyone health, prosperity and success! We hope everyone takes time to reflect on our collective experience and what it means to each of us to be Canadian. As a community organization led by volunteers, the Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce is collectively looking forward to a future in business where all people experience opportunity in a fair and equitable manner. Celebrating all the good things we have, and can, accomplish together is an act of gratitude, not an endorsement of the areas we have collectively fallen down - but as leaders in our businesses and communities we need to see both sides of the coin that is present day Canada.

As a society, we are coming to acknowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce is committed to listening and learning from our Indigenous partners, and participating in the collective experience of growing our economy for the betterment of all. Those of us living in rural communities have a greater opportunity to engage and challenge old norms and ways of being, and partner with Indigenous peoples in community and business. We encourage all businesses and people to consider how privileged we are to live in this place in time. We encourage businesses to consider ways to open doors to equity, mutual success, and growth for all.

As a community, we are fortunate, and we live in the greatest nation on earth with every opportunity to evolve and make it better for all people. Happy Canada Day to all.


Eric Dutcyvich


on behalf of the Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce

"Volunteers make the world go around!"

Tenor Clifton Murray, right, was born and raised in Port McNeill. His parents Craig and Deborah Murray reside here and have a successful family business

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