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A Better Way to Lead in a Downturn (Kotter International)

Port McNeill, B.C. - A Better Way to Lead in a Downturn (Gupta, G., Kotter, J., & Akhtar, V., 2020) came across our desk this morning. It's an article for business owners and leaders to help frame, identify, and name the circumstances and conditions we are finding ourselves in, which will help us in developing clearer and better strategies for emergence. It will also help us navigate the stress and feeling that accompany the dramatic shifts to our reality and routines.

In the following article, there is reference to the "Survive/Thrive" model which gives context to understanding our human hardwiring and corresponding organizational behaviour.

We are well aware none of these theories and methods are 'going to change the world' but they may help business owners better understand how to navigate unprecedented times in business and economy.

You're not alone out there entrepreneurs.

Link: A Better Way to Lead in a Downturn

Link: Survive/Thrive Model

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