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BC Chamber "Pulse Check" surveys move the dial with Government - do the 4th COVID19 survey

Port McNeill, B.C. - The BC Chamber has once again reached out to the network for participation in their fourth COVID-19 "Pulse Check" on business. The information the BC Chamber gathers from businesses are helping us inform the Government about the realities of doing business through economic downturn, and contribute to good program and policy development. We've seen proof it's working for Port McNeill and BC Businesses.

From the BC Chamber:

As BC's economy is reopening, we're now launching the fourth COVID-19 "Pulse Check" survey. You'll recall at the end of March we started conducting regular ‘pulse checks’ on — to find out how businesses are faring due to COVID-19, and how their needs are evolving. After our previous COVID Layoffs Survey, the BC government acted on the BC Chamber network and other business associations’ request to further extended the temporary layoff provision in the Employment Standards Act to the end of August. We're still tracking the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and gathering feedback on existing government supports. This information informs ongoing recommendations to government—powered by YOU, our biggest and broadest business network. Take the survey, and share the survey with your fellow businesses.

We will continue to update the network as results come in.

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