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Receive a FREE 30-Second Promo Video for your Tourism Business from Vancouver Island North Tourism

Port McNeill, July 28, 2020 - A great offer for tourism businesses crossed our desk today from Vancouver Island North Tourism.

"Vancouver Island North Tourism is partnering with the Vancouver Island video production group, Potentially Famous, to offer stakeholders a free, 30-second promo video. Use this video to share news, highlight your experience, or inform current and potential customers about your operation. This is a great opportunity for small businesses who are looking for video but fear they can't afford it or don't know how to get started.

Once complete, videos will be featured on Vancouver Island North Tourism's website and social channels. You will also own the video to use as you see fit for your own marketing purposes.

Your video's content is mostly up to you, but here are a few ideas: Open for business announcementNew specials or product announcementsA safety precaution videoUpdated business hoursAny other new information customers should know.


If you're interested

Register for this Opportunity Here

The Fine Print:

This project includes 2 hours of filming to produce one, 30-second video. Models are not included. Projects will be granted on a first-come basis and participating stakeholders will have to be available for filming August 10 - 14.


Karen Bannister Director, Destination Marketing 250-616-3444 Joli White VINT Coordinator Jolleen Dick Indigenous Tourism Specialist 250-731-9876

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