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The Gatehouse Theatre is bringing DRIVE-IN MOVIES! to the North Island with ICET capital restart fun

Port McNeill, B.C. - The Gatehouse Theatre is another resilient Port McNeill organization that saw opportunity in a challenge! The keen team of volunteers at the theatre provided a plan to the Island Coast Economic Trust (ICET) that detailed a timely solution to health and operational challenges caused by COVID-19.


"In Port McNeill, the Gate House Theatre will be bringing moveable drive-in theatres to the North Island, including Port McNeill and neighbouring communities.

ICET funding will be used to purchase the outdoor theatre equipment package, which includes a projector, inflatable screen, broadcast FM transmitter, webcam and tripod. Movie nights will be delivered in partnership with sponsors and local businesses, also providing opportunities for farmers’ markets and local food vendors to sell their products.

ICET says there are ample opportunities to use this technology to deliver new, innovative and safe community events, according to Island Health safety protocols. Such occasions could include local festivals, drive-in concerts or other events in Port McNeill and surrounding areas.“This new delivery model is an exemplary initiative bringing the arts community, business and vendor communities together,” says ICET CEO Line Robert. “It also demonstrates the community’s ingenuity and support for the viability of the North Island arts scene by showcasing the arts in a way that is affordable, self-sustaining and safe.”

Picture taken pre-covid! retrieved from:

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