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PMCC takes a look at the new age of virtual networking for fall 2020 with fireside chats

Port McNeill, B.C. August 27, 2020 - The Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce is taking time re-envision what engagement and networking look like through the rest of 2020.

New terms like "zoom fatigue" are quickly emerging in our lexicon, indicating that we know meaningless or ill-planned screen time isn't the answer to connection. We are hearing businesses reports of slow burn-out, and being bogged down in navigating new systems, procedures, and legalities. Networking, in-person engagement, and collective community action are taking a back seat to financial survival, staff concerns, and strategic planning.

As a Chamber, run by business people for business people, we understand much of what our business community is going through. In answer, through fall 2020 we are targeting what means most to the business community in times of hardship. Advocacy, equitable policy and regulations, reconciliation, meaningful listening, and the health and wellbeing of our employees and membership are the key areas of focus. And while we don't wish to overwhelm through zoom overload, we also want to keep our local Chamber network alive - it's a delicate balance. Cognizant of this fine line of networking vs "too much," through the fall, we are going to be running informal topical "Fireside Chats" where business leaders can get together and discuss and strategize around the issues that matter most to us. Experts and new business owners alike can explore topics revenant to them, and leave the chats with tools to help your business. Dave Craven of Strategic Natural Resources will be facilitating the sessions which will cover a multitude of topics. As the days grow shorter and your fresh Netflix choices slimmer, consider joining us for an evening by the fire.


If you are a local business that would benefit on discussion and collaboration on a particular topic, please recommend it. We have suggestions on the table such as:

  • Tourism Sector Resiliency

  • Gathering steam for your 'shop local' retail programs

  • Downtown improvement & your business facade: quick fixes

  • Understanding your employment obligations with COVID related layoffs

  • Foot traffic down? Can you transition to online sales

  • The working forest and our community

  • Smart & savy use of digital promotion

  • What is a "brand" and how does yours elevate you? Creating identity in local markets

  • Advocacy: who does what where?

  • Financial tips in preparing for downturn

  • Bridge financing in uncertain times

  • The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy Program

These are some examples of topics brought forth for discussion and key learnings. Whether we run them or not will depend on interest - pop us a line if there is something in your sector you want to talk about!

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