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"Creating Connections" Free Workshop: Exploring Co-Ops and innovation in rural places

Port McNeill, B.C - Another free webinar opportunity is available on the topic of rural economic development. The upcoming Creating Connections Workshops on October 19 and November 18 are

workshop is practical, results focused, and delivered by experienced EcDev and business management practitioners.

This FREE course is accredited by the the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and the Economic Developers Associations of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Canada and counts towards your professional certification. Take this workshop if you want to:

  • Identify where a co-op might fit in your community

  • Discover new opportunities for business development

  • Explore innovative solutions to investment readiness

  • Identify new business retention and expansion strategies

  • Increase local economic development, job creation, and growth

These workshops will be hosted online, using Zoom, so you can join our discussion from your home or office. Check out our webpage to learn more and to register.

If you have any question about the workshop or how to register, please feel free to contact Kyle White by return e-mail or at 306-382-4410.

Kyle White

Governance and Education Lead


4-1810 8th Street East

Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T6


Backgrounders Info on Co-Operatives First:

Who we are

Co-operatives First promotes and supports business development based on the co-operative model in rural and Indigenous communities across western Canada. Our goal is to help people in these communities build new businesses, grow local economies, and support community development.

What we do

Our job is to educate community leaders about the co-op model, support people trying to start co-ops, and offer the tools and resources to make starting a co-op easier.

To do this, we offer:

  • online courses and workshops

  • online tools and resources

  • phone and in-person support

  • a streamlined incorporation process

  • business plans, feasibility studies, and some legal supports

Learn more at Co-operatives First

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