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Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant Applications Accepted to June 4th

Port McNeill, B.C. April 26, 2021 - Retrieved from the BC Chamber of Commerce:


April 26, 2021 —Today, the provincial government announced that it is adding more than $75 million to the Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant, bringing the amount available for hard-hit B.C. businesses to more than $125 million. With the increased funding, eligible businesses will receive up to $20,000 to help with expenses like employee wages, rent, maintenance and utilities. The individual amount a business receives will be based on the number of employees. Businesses that previously applied for, or received the grant that opened on April 12, 2021, do not need to apply again. They will automatically receive the additional funding. Applications will be accepted until June 4, 2021, or when the funds are disbursed.

In response, the BC Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Fiona Famulak, released the following statement: “The BC Chamber of Commerce applauds the provincial government’s continued efforts to support businesses severely impacted by this pandemic.

The addition of $75 million – that is new money – to the Circuit Breaker Business Relief Fund not only provides further relief to businesses impacted by the restrictions that took effect on March 30, 2021, but also helps accommodation providers who are making enormous sacrifices in the weeks ahead, to support the efficacy of the emergency order to restrict travel announced on April 23, 2021.

While businesses continue to shoulder the impact of the pandemic, we all have a role to play in the coming weeks to follow current public health orders to help stem transmission so that restrictions can be relaxed gradually, and businesses can open and stay open this summer.”

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