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Grants to get your business online - $7,500 grant timeline extended

Port McNeill, B.C. March 19 - Good news to businesses struggling to take their product online!

Retrieved from our partner, the BC Chamber

Today, the provincial government announced that it is investing an additional $30 million in the Launch Online Grant program, which helps B.C. businesses move their business online.

“We applaud the B.C. government’s decision to expand its Launch Online Grant program so that it can be accessed by thousands more businesses that want to build or expand their online presence,” said Fiona Famulak, president and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “The expanded program addresses directly the feedback we have received from businesses through our COVID-19 pulse check surveys and have conveyed to government – that they need cash flow support to build resiliency as they journey towards recovery.”

The expanded program will:

• Provide up to $7,500 to businesses to help build or expand an e-commerce site to access a global marketplace. • Businesses in the hard-hit tourism sector, like tour operators or hotels, and businesses in the service industry, such as massage therapists, personal trainers or hair stylists, can now access the grant to build or improve their online booking systems. • As part of the eligibility enhancements, 30% of the grant funds will now be reserved for Black, Indigenous and people of colour-owned (BIPOC) businesses. This is expanded from the original 25% of grant funds that were reserved for Indigenous and rural businesses.

Small and medium-sized businesses can apply online and review eligibility criteria here:

“Similar to the recent changes announced to the Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant, the expanded Launch Online Grant program signals that the provincial government is listening to the needs of the business community,” said Famulak. “The updated eligibility and expansion of both these grants will go a long way to helping all businesses as they adapt and continue to navigate these extremely challenging times,” Famulak said.

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