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Growth Tomorrow Starts Today! Register by March 12 for "Building Resilience to Thrive"

Extra session added due to demand for this game changing program Many of us are envisioning how business will look on the other side of the pandemic, which is why we encourage you to register for the Building Resiliency to Thrive program, offered by the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business in partnership with your Chamber and the BC Chamber of Commerce. Several Port Hardy businesses took part in the first three sessions and it was eye opening. The 6-week certificate program requires little time commitment (weekly hour-long sessions for six weeks) and applies core competencies in leadership and resilience to help set you up for long-term, consistent success. In this program you will learn how to...

  • Communicate and connect more openly with your employees

  • Be a more productive and empathetic leader

  • Efficiently host team meetings to encourage dialogue and idea exchanges

  • Build a better workplace culture and team mentality

  • Engage with customers in a more meaningful way

  • Strategize new approaches to servicing your clients

  • Cultivate and offer a superior customer experience

  • Diversify your cultural intelligence and help your team work together effectively

  • Design a world-class customer experience program

The final session will start on March 22nd. Check out the bios of the award winning professors Dr. Mark Colgate and Prof. Brian Leacock who are teaching this course. Sign up today to guarantee your place March 22nd - April 28th at 11am, first two sessions on Mondays, following sessions on Wednesdays, 11am to 12pm, PST Registration closes March 12, 2021 at 4pm To remove the financial barrier, the course is being offered at a fraction of the cost of alternative programs, only $35 for Chamber members and $70 for non-members. Space is limited so register today!

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