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Help the PMCC Create a Strategic Plan for 2021-2022: Answer our Short Online Survey!

Chamber of Commerce - noun, def: A business organization that works for the economic benefit of entrepreneurs. Core services include advocacy for the business community, business policy development, networking opportunities, and business membership benefits.


Dear PMCC Membership, Gilakas’la. Foremost we wish to thank you, our business community, for your efforts over the past year. Jobs and employment are the most significant indicator of economic and social well-being, and business is the backbone of a prospering community. Today, I am asking you to help us set the PMCC strategic direction and goals for 2021. Never before has it been more important for us to work together to ensure a healthy and vibrant North Island economy. In the first quarter of 2021 we are going to undertake a succinct strategic planning process which, at a high level, will define the direction of the Chamber. From those strategic directives, your board of representatives will define an operational plan to make things happen. You will find opportunities for input and volunteer activism throughout the coming year. In this email and renewal notice you will find a link to a survey. It will ask what you think the best business/chamber priorities are, and where you think collective action is best focused. Though the last half of 2020 the PMCC ran 100% on volunteer steam from our business community while we collaborated and explored operational feasibility and looked at how to hire the best Executive Director we can with our limited resources. As an organization and Board we are better fo­r this inquiry into operations and core services. We will be finding the right candidate to facilitate Chamber operations in 2021, and we do so with a clear lens of time and financial requirements of the role. As businesspeople we all see immense changes underway on all fronts – health wise, economically, culturally and environmentally. And we know that entrepreneurs are the people inherently positioned to be proactive, reflexive and recognize opportunity in any climate. We know that prioritizing our actions, optimizing our operations, and setting firm goals is the way to achieve success. Good Governance and respect will allow us to navigate change, and in times like these we must be prepared to have hard conversations with the intent of finding common ground and a path forward. As your Chamber, we are committed to doing that and representing the needs of the greater business community in an equitable and culturally appropriate manner. It is you who have chosen to invest and live on the North Island and you who have skin in the game. It is you who should have the loudest voice in this process. Thank you for funding, supporting, and advocating for rural and community-centric businesses. Thank you for the many expressions of inclusiveness and willingness to embark on a path to a truly equitable future for all North Islanders. We encourage you to reach out through 2021 and become part of a movement that values and respects equity, our intrinsic resources and works to restore the vibrancy of our rural economy. It is up to us. Sincerely, Gilakas’la Eric Dutcyvich, President, PMCC TAKE OUR 3 QUESTION PLANNING SURVEY HERE >>

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