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Local Business Provides a Short Course in 'De-escalation in Challenging Situations'

Port McNeill, B.C. Septmeber 7, 2021 - Chamber Member QWest Safety & Training is offering a course to PMCC Members and the public about deescalation. QWest feels this may help your staff deal with friction around the COVID Passport, among many other day-to-day high-stress public interfaces your staff may have.

Sponsored Post from QWest:

Conflict De-Escalation Techniques

COURSE OVERVIEW Recognizing and Removing Biases – One of the first steps in conflict de-escalation is approaching that conflict with a clear head and open mind. This video will help you recognize and eliminate any attitudes or preconceived notions that might otherwise hamper your ability to have a calm and rational conversation. You’ll also learn a secret about pandas that might help you avoid catastrophe. Enjoy! Active Listening – Knowing how to listen to others is perhaps the most important conflict de-escalation technique there is. This video will show you what active listening is, and also what it isn’t, since those examples are rather amusing. And since listening is a non-verbal skill, we also included some other non-verbal techniques in here. In fact, we packed so much stuff in this video you’ll wonder how the whole thing doesn’t explode at the end. (Answer – because we didn’t have the budget for it.) Enjoy! Developing a Solution Mindset – One way to handle conflict is to yell and scream until others get tired of arguing or flee the scene. Another way is to focus on finding solutions to the issue and finding a smooth and enjoyable way forward. This video will teach you how to do the latter. Although you’ll also see what happens when you ignore a solution mindset in favor of anger and name calling. Brace yourself, though – it isn’t pretty. COURSE TOPICS

  • Techniques for recognizing and removing any biases you may have that can influence your perception of a situation.

  • Multiple verbal and non-verbal skills that are useful in de-escalating most situations (and a few techniques you should avoid because of their tendency to increase tension and discord.)

  • How to develop a solution mindset and focus on solving problems rather than winning an argument.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION Certificate of completion.

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