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MUNICIPAL ALL-CANDIDATES MEETING - Wednesday September 28, 2022 - Doors 6:30pm, Meeting Start 7:00pm


Wednesday September 28, 6:30 Doors, 7:00pm Sharp Start

Gatehouse Theatre 1705 Campbell Way, Port McNeill B.C.

Tables for candidate material will be provided at the venue.

There will be a 30-minute public mingling/engagement opportunity from 6:30 – 6:55.


1. Welcome, Introductions, and Acknowledgements 7:00

2. Rules of Order 7:08

3. Candidate Opening Statements - 3 Minutes Each 7:10

4. Question Period – Pre-submitted 7:45

5. Candidate-to-Candidate Questions, each candidate allocated 1 question 8:10

6. Questions From the Floor & Follow-Up Questions from Audience 8:30

7. 1 Minute Closing from Candidates 8:45

8. Meeting Adjourned 9:00



- There will be a timekeeper present, seated in front of the stage who will keep time on questions and indicate with a flag whether a candidate is in the green (good) yellow (10 second warning) or red (time up) zone.

o If a candidate does not honour the red “time up” card and 5 second grace period, their microphone will be muted – apologies in advance, but in all fairness there is a lot of material to cover and every candidate is allocated the same amount of time. If you go over, you’re taking time that belongs to another candidate.


- Opening statements are going to be 3 minutes each.

o The timekeeper is non-partisan and will be cutting the microphone off after a warning.

- Questions that are pre-submitted to the Chamber will be edited for clarity and concision and provided to candidates Tuesday for your preparation.

o All pre-submitted questions may not be asked of the candidates due to time constraints

- There will be 1 opportunity for a candidate-to-candidate question, in lieu of any debate opportunities.

o Please keep the question short with limited or no preamble, and your replies under 1 minute in length.

- Follow-up questions and questions from the floor will fill the time from the end of the candidate-to-candidate question period until 8:45pm, when we start the closing comments

- Closing comments are 1 minute per candidate

- The moderator will tolerate no abusive language, yelling, discussion of personal issues, or attacks towards any candidate


- The meeting will be recorded and/or broadcast live to accommodate those constituents who are not able to attend. We are currently working with the Gatehouse Theatre on IT requirements.


- Questions may be submitted to the chamber email,, through Facebook Messenger or our website form,


- Email with any questions pertaining to all candidates and one of our volunteer team will get back to you ASAP!

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