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New Member Spotlight: QWEST Safety & Training

Port McNeill, B.C. February 2021 - Qwest principle Aaron Frost is a Port McNeill entrepreneur with a focus on workplace health and safety. QWest Safety & Training provides businesses of all sizes establish Health and Safety Programs, Health and Safety Training, and Onsite Safety Coordination. Visit the Qwest website to learn about the broad range of services available from QWest!

"Help when the struggle is real!

When the frustration of safety barriers is too much, we work with our clients to create efficient programs to fit their needs. With experience in construction, mining, forestry, aquaculture, maintenance and shutdowns, oil and gas, manufacturing, and retail, we help companies improve their safety culture and employee engagement."

Aaron Frost has been providing service and support to Strategic Natural Resources Management for years in addition to QWest projects that support dozens of community businesses.

Image Retrieved from: North Island Gazette

QWEST Consulting Ltd

Contact British Columbia, Canada +1 250-230-4632

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