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NOTICE: All-Candidates Meeting Recording - Online Posting Delayed

Port McNeill September 29, 2022 - Dear public, to respectfully answer the incoming questions about the All Candidates meeting recording: The recording of the All-Candidates meeting is delayed in posting online. Following the event, a candidate requested their likeness to not be included in the recording or posted online. The video is in for editing to omit the candidate, and will be posted when ready.

Thanks for your patience, and your understanding of all perspectives.

In the meantime check out our homepage blog for the Candidate's written answers to your questions!

*Addendum, the candidates were notified of the intent to record and/or live stream in advance of the meeting, in the Running Rules.

PMCC Municipal All_Candidates_Running Rules_Sept 28, 2022
Download PDF • 246KB


Publicly Submitted Questions:

Municipal and SD85 All Candidates Meeting

Summary of Submitted Questions from the Public, September 17 - 28th, 2022

Due to time constraints, a random sampling of these questions will be asked by tonight’s moderator.


1. What is your stance on the Old School, tear down, re-purpose, tear down and rebuild or other-wise?

2. Harbour

a. Port McNeill Harbour serves a vast area of this island, the Islands and the mainland. What is your plan to make our harbour better for all commercial users?

b. Will you lobby to accommodate and attract live aboard boaters? Why, why not?

c. Are there plans to extend the harbour? If so, which portion, municipal or small craft, and how do you see this being managed or financed?


3. The Community Forest Reserve has been saved. How do you envision community forest funds being used now and into the future?

4. What is your experience in understanding and/or managing public finances?

5. New councils often come with new ideas. Demonstrating your knowledge of Town Finance, how would you go about funding the most significant change you are suggesting?


6. The Town of Port McNeill owns waterfront land at the end of Beach Drive, known locally as Hoy Bay, what is your vision for this land, what should be done with it?

a. What are your thoughts about recognizing Indigenous Rights and Title where it overlaps with vacant municipal land?

7. The issue of vacation rentals (Air BnB, for instance) was deferred during the rezoning process, in favor of maintaining the current Bed and Breakfast bylaw. What is your position on vacation rentals in Port McNeill.

8. Do you view short-term rentals as a business? To what extent or end can people participate in commerce out of their own home?

9. What is your perception of the status of the resource sector, and how do you think that relates to community planning?


10. For the incumbents, Re: urban chickens, can you explain the position you took during the bylaw rezoning process and your position on urban chickens if re-elected? For the others, what is your position on urban chickens in Port McNeill.

11. Please explain what you think went wrong in the conversation around re-zoning this year?


13. What are your ideas to increase recreation opportunities in Port McNeill? Specifically, are you in favor of increasing staff resources dedicated to recreation, like has recently been done in Port Hardy, and what is your vision for affordable development of recreational infrastructure?

14. What are your thoughts on having a waterfront park and gathering place geared to children and families?


15. Do you think the Town of Port McNeill's communication strategy with its residents is adequate? If not what kind of changes would you like to see occur?

16. Not all ideas and priorities move forward. How well would you work with Council to get 1 or 2 ideas moved forward that aren’t your favourite? How would you personally determine which idea gets precedence over all the other worthy ideas?

17. What does "being the face of Port McNeill" mean to you and how do you see yourself encouraging positivity and development in our town?

18. What is your commitment to this council? Will you run for another office during your elected term?


19. September 30th is Orange Shirt Day. What are a couple steps that Port McNeill has or can take towards reconciliation?



20. The Mayor has the important duty of overseeing the day to day operations and working closely with the Chief Administrative Officer. If elected, how often would you be in the Town Office, how much time can dedicate to the job?

SD 85

21. Seamless Day Kindergarten or Before-And-After school programs offered within the school district are gaining traction around BC: will School District 85 support a Seamless Day Kindergarten program, why or why not?


22. What is your plan to address the Health Care crisis we are experiencing in Port McNeill?

23. How aggressively will you compete within the region to get more health infrastructure specifically in Port McNeill, like a bathing centre?


24. More seniors are aging in place, and there is very little housing available here that is suitable for seniors to transition to (i.e. single level, small yards, etc). What will you do to support seniors housing?

25. What do you think about investing into the large bubble demographics of seniors?

26. What do you think the number one actionable solution to Port McNeill’s housing crisis is?


27. What are your thoughts on our daycare crisis and what steps are you going to take to improve it?


28. What are your thoughts on the current values of tax businesses are paying in our community?

29. What is the number one thing that Port McNeill can do to attract business?

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