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PMCC Addresses the Physician Staffing Shortage in Port McNeill: "Collaboration is Key."

Port McNeill, B.C. February 13, 2020 - After several weeks of discussion Port McNeill & District Chamber of Commerce President Eric Dutcyvich issued a letter February 12, 2021 on behalf of the Board and Membership to community partners involved in health decision making.

At the Chamber Board level are aware that we have a critical physician shortage and that talks are occurring between Island Health, Town Council, and other decision makers through the month of February. As a community we must remain calm and work towards equitable solutions. As your Chamber we are committed to representing the needs of the business community and provide advocacy and collective action as needed.

Please feel free to write an email to with your perspective, and we will compile this information into our efforts of collective action. We will be continuing to communicate with you, our membership and community, as more information becomes available.

Thank you, Gilakas'la, to all who show grace, compassion, determination and strength in challenging times.


Letter to Island Health and Political Leadership


PO Box 129 Port McNeill, B.C.V0N 2R0

Sent Electronically –

February 8, 2021

Re: Physician Staffing Crisis, Town of Port McNeill

To all Invested Parties.

The Port McNeill and District Chamber of Commerce (PMCC) has been watching with increasing concern as the compliment of physicians at the Port McNeill medical clinic has dwindled to a point where it has become impossible to provide adequate medical services at the hospital and the clinic. We have now been told that, in a few weeks, there will only be one physician remaining in Port McNeill. This situation is untenable and very much a public health crisis. Talks to date with Island Health and local service providers are appreciated but have offered no clear answers or direction. After significant internal discussion, we are formally asking for clear communication about the status of this situation. Specifically, we are requesting a plan that will provide short- and long-term resolution.

On behalf of our membership, which is constituted of both indigenous and non-indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups, we are advocating for a two-stage solution. The first stage requires immediate action to mitigate the risks associated with the current staffing crisis. This stop gap needs to be apolitical, results based, and provide the necessary time to design the best long-term solution.

In the second stage, we are urging the Ministry of Health, Associated Health Authorities, Professionals and all levels of government to support a collaborative approach to finding the optimal long-term solution to health care in our rural community. We believe this means engaging with local government, The Mount Waddington Heath Network, our local health care workers and administrators, the BC Rural Coordination Centre, local Indigenous health care leadership, academia, social services agencies, and the physician’s professional association. Port McNeill and the surrounding area are unique and have distinct challenges. We need input and participation from all of the strategic partners in health care in order to create the best model for success and durability. This process needs to be supported with adequate resources and a facilitator who understands the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in our community and local area.

While we are concerned about the future and health of our community, we are also looking at this crisis as a galvanizing moment that, managed properly, will result in the optimal long-term solution for health care in Port McNeill and the surrounding area.

In closing, the Chamber would like to recognize and thank the physicians and health care workers who have been working diligently and passionately throughout this challenging time. We are grateful for all that you do for our community.


Eric Dutcyvich


On behalf of the Board and Membership of the PMCC

Wi'la'mola 'We are all travelling together'

We live and work on the Traditional Territories of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples


Image retrieved from Port McNeill Medical Collaborative Facebook Page

This letter from Dr. Mijares details her departure from the Port McNeill Medical Collaborative effective April 30th. We express our deep appreciation for all the Doctors who have made our community their home over the years, and wish Dr. Mijares the best in her next chapter.


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