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Port McNeill & District Chamber of Commerce - February 2021 Events

Port McNeill, B.C. February 8, 2021 - The Port McNeill & District Chamber of Commerce is working on numerous fronts to address and get ahead of issues in community that impact entrepreneurs and businesses in our community.

"Jobs and employment are the most significant indicator of economic and social well being, and business is the backbone of a prospering community." - PMCC

Current Items:

  • Addressing Port McNeill's physician shortage through action-oriented and positive engagement - Meetings underway through a board-directed working group. Information will be shared as it becomes available.

  • Strategic Planning Process - Join us! We are launching our strategic planning process for 2021 - 2022 through February. Take our 3-minute preliminary survey here to help us define high-level priorities and set operational plans and goals in support of our area's business. SURVEY HERE >>

  • Executive Director Search - Finding the right candidate to speak for our invested community is a Chamber priority. Hear more on this topic in Chamber President Eric Dutcyvich's letter to the membership. >>>

  • Understanding Equity - Supporting Indigenous Business Discussions. As a Board and Chamber we are committed to having conversations that start the process of exploring economic diversity, reconciliation, and collaborative opportunity in community and business. Gilakas'la - all are welcome.

  • COVID-19 Recovery - A dedicated website page for COVID-19 recovery opportunities and grants. As time passes, business are reporting fatigue and apathy - and potentially missing opportunities. Don't miss out on assistance. LEARN MORE HERE >>

  • Participation in Various Programs and with Partner Agencies - There is a dynamic group of volunteers on the PMCC board working to support the business community on a monthly basis. Thanks to these volunteers who not only provide general oversight for the board, but also have areas of expertise and connected networks they bring to our various conversations and initiatives.

  • Vancouver Island North Training & Attraction Society and COVID-19 Recovery Rep (Damaris Saddler); Port McNeill Rotary Club and Tourism Sector Rep (Craig Murray); Community Futures Mount Waddington and Housing Sector Representative (Liza Furney); Forest Industry Representative (Eric Dutcyvich); Indigenous Business Representative (Jamuga); Indigenous Youth & Training Specialist (Randy Bell); Transportation Sector Representative (Terrence Eisfeldt); Natural Resources Representative (David Craven); Youth Representatives (Giselle & Adrian); Finance Representatives (Michelle Alfred, Spence Andrews); Retail Representative (Jaylene Lancaster); Government Administration & Process Representative (David Mitchell)


Meet the Honourable Michele Babchuk, MLA

February 24th from 4:00 - 5:00pm online. MORE INFO HERE >>

Round out your day with a critically important meet and greet and conversation with our political representative to the Province of B.C. The PMCC welcomes Ms. Babchuk to her new role and look forward to launching a great working relationship with her.






2021 Chamber Membership Renewals are in the Mail!

Keep your eye out for them. You can pay by Cheque and eTransfer.

(Note that Credit Card Payments are accepted but not preferred - Let's keep service fees low!)


Visit for more information about our incredible and changing community! Gilakas'la. Thank You.

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