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The "Shout-Out 2021" Survey Results

Port McNeill, B.C. - June 2021: Through the Pandemic we have not been able to keep the type of community spirit we usually do in planning our galas and get togethers. As your Chamber board, we have opted to do the next Gala in 2022 and hope that health orders work with our plans! In the meantime leading up to our AGM we have a "Shout-Out 2021" Survey to recognize the efforts of people in our community through this time.

Here are some examples we've gotten in:

A) Name a business that modified services and excelled in the face of the pandemic!B) Tell us how they did it!

Gus’s Pub. Kept our spirits up, wonderful food, delivery service, changed with the times. 6/2/2021 IGA- Kept their employees safe, stayed open for us all the way through, developed Srs only hours, increased delivery capacity. Also host BBQS to raise money and also on Power Outages. 6/2/2021

A) Who is showing exemplary leadership in the volunteer realm?B) What are they doing that is special?

Deborah Murray, working tirelessly for Free food program, Bookstore, meals for shut in’s. 6/2/2021

Debra Murray- she just continues to get the job done and take care of so many people, and she does not go looking for credit. 6/2/2021

A) What volunteer organizations are doing "the good work?"B) How are they adapting to a challenging situation?

A frame Church and their food progam has been amazing. They adapted their hot dinners into take out so they could continue providing that to everyone as well. I love that local businesses like IGA are supporting them as well. 6/2/2021 A Frame church- have developed a food program with IGA.

A) Is there anyone out there showing incredible professional or administrative work or leadership in this challenging time? B) How are they going above-and-beyond?

Mary Addison volunteering and cooking meals for people. 6/2/2021 David Mitchell, Laurie Garret, Riley Zimmerman at Community Futures did a great job of keeping their clients up to date on available assistance during the last 16 months 6/2/2021

Leslie Dyck is running Loaves and Fishes and getting all the food that AFrame is distributing. It's fantastic and she is great. 6/3/2021

A) What new businesses are up-and-coming that are impressing you?B) How are they working through challenges and showing innovation?

Mugz2. They are like a breath of fresh air. 6/2/2021 Mugz- they are working to please their clientele- social media presence is excellent! 6/2/2021

ShopeRite is really stepping up their products and offerings. So good to see.


A) Who is currently providing great hospitality and helping people during the pandemic?B) How are they making people feel connected and welcome?

Caitlin and the rest of the team at Mugz 2.0. Her strong and inclusive social media presence has lured me into the shop many times 6/2/2021

Debra Murray. Continuing with her seniors group at the A Frame Church 6/2/2021

A) Who in Healthcare or Social Services has made a difference this year? B) How did they do it?

Sue Sue, for keeping us all calm and well informed during the pandemic. 6/2/2021 The Public Health nurses, especially Sue and Angela have been hugely appreciated during this time, especially with reduced doctor care.


Cathy Denim, for shoring up our planning 6/2/2021

Anything else you want to share about business, life, community and volunteerism that happened in 2020/2021?

Pita Rosback is making a lot of improvements to their business and to the community in general.


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