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What's new with the PMCC in 2021?

Port McNeill, B.C. January 2021 - Happy New Year to all our members. Gilakas'la and welcome to 2021.

When the clock turned to January 1, 2021 we experienced year-end or 2020, and for many of us that was financial as well as symbolic. A new year presents a new opportunity for a fresh mental start and reflection on our businesses and opportunities. To make the best of this, your local Chamber of Commerce is launching 2021 with a strategic planning session and focus on what can be done for our North Island business community through advocacy, policy work, networking, and member benefits. Collaborative, collective action and considerations around reconciliation and equity in our communities have never been more important, and as a Chamber we are open to those conversations and to making constructive plans.

Early in January you can expect to see more information about our plans and processes coming out to you in direct mail with your Member invoices. Your new or continued support of the Chamber of Commerce is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to opportunities to hear your voice and take the community messages forward to all levels of Government.

Further, remember we are a volunteer service organization run by business leaders, please consider how you can become more involved. Your business, and your voice, is important to community and we would love to hear from you. Keep visiting our website for information or follow us on Social Media.

We have everything to gain from working together.

Gilakas'la and all the best for 2021.

The PMCC Board

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